Noah found Grace

Genesis 6:8

I was reading the story of Noah this morning and started reflecting on who Noah was and how he lived. As a child, we are taught that the whole world had turned so sinful that God decided to destroy the world with a flood and only one man was found righteous enough to be saved. That is true…but Noah was a man born with the same sinful nature that all of us have, so we know he wasn’t perfect. Only one man has ever lived a perfect life. What made Noah different from the other sinners whom God was planning to destroy? The answer is the same answer that we have today – GRACE – the same GRACE that is found at the cross of Jesus. We are sinners by nature, just like Noah. We find redemption in the saving grace of Jesus who carried our sin on the cross.

“…Noah walked with God.”

Genesis 6:9

Obviously, Noah lived before Jesus walked on earth. But Noah sought to live a life that honored God. The Bible says that Noah walked with God. There is a lesson for each of us in these two verses. First, we need God’s grace to cover our sins. Second, in response to God’s marvelous grace, we are to walk with Him daily. Talk to Him – get to know Him by studying His Word – experience His love and grace.

As children, I think we get the idea that Noah was the only perfect person left on earth. What is so important to remember is that Noah was a sinner like the rest of us; He was just the only one left who was seeking God in a world that had forsaken God. Don’t you feel that way sometimes, too? Some days serving God feels like an uphill battle. Noah stood firm and obeyed God even when he didn’t understand the end result. We too must stand firm even when life is falling apart and we may not understand what’s ahead. We can trust our loving Father. The same God who saved Noah and his family, saved me and walks with me daily as I like Noah seek to live a life that honors my God. Do I fail? Absolutely! But like Noah, I have found GRACE. I hope you have too.

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