9/11 Remembrance



Sunday will be 15 years since 9/11.  This morning at the public middle school where I work, we were blessed to witness and cheer for one of our parents running with a US flag.  He was a New Jersey firefighter in 2001, and began running 13 miles with a huge US flag every year thereafter to honor all those killed in the tragedy and to honor all first responders.  It was a moving sight to see all the students waving small flags and cheering “USA, USA!” as he ran through our parking lot.  I found myself in tears as I remembered that terrible day, and thankful that people like this gentleman are still honoring those affected by the tragedy.   It occurred to me as I stood there with tears misting my eyes that the students were laughing and cheering and having a big time.  It has been fifteen years, most of these kids weren’t even born yet when 9/11 happened.  It is our job as adults to make sure and teach the young to honor those affected and remember; just as our parents and teachers taught us about tragedies of the past…like Pearl Harbor and D-day.  I want the children and youth of today to remember not only the tragedies that occurred that day, but also how America came together immediately following.  Let’s not forget how Congress came together, both Republicans and Democrats and sang God Bless America on Capitol Hill.  Let’s not forget how churches were full not only the night of 9/11/2001 but also for quite some time after.  Let’s not forget how America came together to help those affected.  Let us not forget!

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